Family Tree (c1470 - c1700)


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This tree shows the generations of Wargrave Abears descending from William A Beare (c1470 - >1526) ( 1W to 7W), and descending from John A Beyre (c1475 - 1550) (1J to 7J)

As a new addition, William's father John A Beare (<1434 - >1496) is also shown on this tree.

Generation 2 of this tree is shown linked to the right with Generation 2 for reasons given in the accompanying text.

The grey generation flags apply to entire rows.


<1680 before 1680

>1680 after 1680

1645? date could relate to another person

?1645 possibly 1645

1647/8 either 1647 or 1648

c1545 1545 a guideline only

underlined bold listed church record information

A Beyre / Abere etc alternatively scribed spellings

A'Bear no known alternative spelling

b born c christened md married d died

Location details normally refer to the first-named person.