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Family History

Introductory Articles:

Preface - Introduction & Overview - The Origin of the Family Name

The Family Tree:

Introduction --- How the Tree is Structured --- c1470 - c1700 Tree --- c1470 - c1700 misfits --- c1700 - c1850 part A --- c1700 - c1850 part B

--- Current branches from c1850

From 1066 until c1450:

Delaberes & Atte Beres - The Pre-Wargrave Years (1066 - 1341) - Sir Richard de la Bere & Alan Plukenet - The Battle of Crecy - Our First Wargrave Ancestor - Early atte Bere Families of Wargrave (1342 - c1500) - Early Record Summary by Region - Records & References

From c1450 - c1700:

Generations 1 to 7 text - Other groups and misfits

From c1700 until c1850:

Generations 8 to 14 text

The UK and Australian ABER Connection:

Summary and request for further information

How it is thought the Abers descend from the Abears

Current Branches from c1850:

About the Current Branches

Branch 1 -- Branch 2 -- Branch 3 -- Branch 4 -- Branch 5 -- Branch 6 -- Branch 7 -- Branch 8 -- Canadian Branch -- South African Branch

Further Articles

Visitor's Map of Wargrave --- Graves at St. Mary's Church --- Our ancestral home "The Hill", now Hill House --- A'Bears Corner in Wargrave --- Other graves outside Wargrave --- The Bells at St Mary's, Wargrave & Waltham St Lawrence & The Bell Inn --- Other places to see --- Early Land Occupation & Estates

S G A'Bear's Family History

The Origin of the A'Bear Name --- The Village of Wargrave --- Village Life in Early England --- Wargrave A'Bears --- Coat of Arms --- The Delabere Connection


Contact Information

I am happy to share information regarding the family history, and equally keen to hear from any member of the family, or anybody related to the family. In particular, I am looking for other families whose ancestors lived in or around Wargrave, Berkshire, and who may be able to help me by sharing family deeds which involve A'Bears.

My e-mail address is:



Mark A’Bear, my sixth cousin (once removed) is compiling data using computer software. His e-mail address is


and he would be keen to hear from you with dates and/or certificates.


Geoff A’Bear, my first cousin in Canada is similarly busy, and his e-mail address is:


He would also like to hear from you.


For further information regarding Wargrave go to the Wargrave Local History Society website on:


For further information regarding our family history visit David Nash Ford's website on:


For information regarding Anthony Hickson's information regarding our family go to:


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