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January 2011

The A'Bear family recently discovered that some of the Abers living in the UK and Australia are almost certainly part of their family, and we are hoping to make contact with them. Perhaps you can help us, please? Here in brief is what we know. For more information click here.

The Abears lived and worked as farmers for at least 600 years in Wargrave, Berkshire, but spread out into Buckinghamshire during the eighteenth century. John Abear born 1767 lived at Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire and raised a family of six children. It is believed his line died out, although his daughter Ann moved to Surrey, married Samuel Rayment, and her name changed from Abear to Bear to Aber. However John had a brother William born c1774 who had a son William born c1800 who also moved to Surrey and changed his surname. Thus William Aber born c1800 was born at Fulmer in Buckinghamshire but he married Hannah Baker at Cobham, Surrey, in 1825. William and Hannah had twelve children as follows. For more information about them and their descendants click here.

1. William Aber born Surrey 1826 - ?(later than 1841). Listed in the 1841 census for Bermondsey.

2. John Aber 1828 - 1830. Born Cobham, died St Sepulchre, Holborn.

3. Francis Henry Aber 1829 - 1830. Born and died Holborn

4. Anna Jane Aber 1830 - ?(later than 1871). She partnered Edward Willet producing Alfred Edward Aber 1848 - 1849 and partnered William Willet producing Hannah Elizabeth Aber 1851 - ? born Lambeth. She also married Abraham Nicholls c1860 - ? issue Abraham William Nicholls 1860 - ? and George James Nichols 1866 - ?

5. Sarah Maria Aber 1833 - ?(later than 1901). Born Southwark. In 1861 an unmarried domestic servant living at Bermondsey. She married Henry Bennett in 1864 and Mark Green in 1877. Living alone in Newington in 1901.

6. John Aber 1835 - 1894. Born Southwark and emigrated with his brother Edward to Australia in Dec 1853.

7. Edward Aber 1836 - ?(later than 1901). Born Southwark and emigrated to Australia with his brother John in Dec 1853 but returned to the UK before 1871 when he lived at Newington, Surrey. He married Eliza Jackson at Camberwell in 1872 and was still living there in 1901.

8. Francis Henry Aber 1839 - 1908. Born Southwark. Married Sarah James in 1866. They had seven children, Francis Aber 1868 - 1868, Sarah Aber 1869, Francis Aber 1871,Edward Aber 1876, Nathaniel Aber 1877, William Aber c1881 and Thomas Aber 1884. In 1891 the family lived at East Finsbury. In 1901 Francis was in Leytonstone but later died in Essex.

9. George Albert Aber 1841 - ?(later than 1866). Born Bermondsey. It is possible he emigrated, perhaps to New Zealand in 1860? In 1866 he was an AB Seaman on board Hadley of London sailing from Mauritius to Sydney. In 1867 he was on board Jason of Sydney sailing to Hokitkal, Sydney.

10. Elizabeth Hannah Aber 1843 - ?(later than 1869). Born Bermondsey. Married at Newington, Surrey in 1869 to Robert Fisher.

11. Henry Aber 1845 - 1891. Born Southwark. Married Sarah Jennings at Newington in 1872. Six children, Emily Aber born 1876 Camberwell, Elisa Aber 1878 born Camberwell, Henry Aber 1880 born Camberwell, Lucy Aber 1884, William James Aber 1886, Alfred Aber 1892 who became Alfred Andrews. Henry died before Alfred's birth. Sarah remarried twice.

12. Harriet Aber 1847 - 1918. Born Southwark. married William Fisher in 1871 at Newington, Surrey. Five children. Died Camberwell, Surrey.

For more information about any of these ancestors or their descendants click here.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who descends from any of these lines and may be able to help fill in some details or help me get in touch with distant cousins. Please email me at the address given at the bottom of my homepage.