Cela ne fait rien (de tout!)

This clarinet piece was written in June 2001 shortly before I left full-time teaching.

The thought struck me that, since I had already resigned my post, I really had no need to worry about my responsibilities as a teacher, since if problems arose, noone could really do much about it! Of course, as a professional I saw my duties through in a responsible way, but "nothing really mattered any more" .....which is the translation of the title. Why French? Well, I was invigilating a French examination when the tune came into my head!

For the picture I wanted something a bit crazy, and with a theme of celebration. I found it in my clip art folder, and it looks like a rocket tied into the end of a hosepipe? If anyone knows better, please let me know!

The composition has a lively middle section which contrasts with the more pensive opening section and reprise, giving the impression of 'mixed feelings', which is how I felt at the time..