Convolvulus (commonly known as bind-weed) is a short descriptive piece scored for flute, oboe and Bb clarinet. It was written in 1999 and was my first attempt at writing for an ensemble. It was easily the quickest composition to date - one evening's work - written entirely on the computer with Sibelius software.

The time signature of 11 / 4 together with the regular quaver accompaniment helps to give the feeling of irregularity and relentless movement. meanwhile the tune, which is simplistic in nature, contrasts to give a feeling of annoyance. The music gains in strength as it twists and turns, and eventually flourishes as the plant throws out its flowers. then, with renewed determination, the growth habit begins again, leading to a feeling of triumph for the plant at the end. This simple weed has succeeded in its quest!

What pleases me about this piece is that it really does seem to work - both musically and descriptively. It fell into place one Tuesday evening after a day's work - not gardening! - when inspiration flowed freely for eight hours virtually non-stop.