Fantaisie for Flute

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Fantaisie for Flute was originally a pianoforte composition, started in the eighties but left unfinished. When I returned to it in 1998 I could see how to complete the piece, but the piano part was complex and uncomfortable to play. I therefore gave the melody to the flute, since the pitch and the tonal quality suited the music. The resulting piano accompaniment was much more playable.

Fantaisie is a romantic piece, full of different feelings. There is an underlying theme of unrequited love, and the torment associated with it - listen for the twisting and turning in the middle - but the final moments depict triumph over adversity, and the end is a peaceful one.


Fantaisie for Flute is performed by Sarah Urry, an ex-pupil of Ryde High School, Isle of Wight.

Piano accompaniment - David A'Bear.