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Plans to operate near to St Catherine’s Lighthouse at Windy Gap Car Park as in 2003 were abandoned at short notice due to the lack of availability of a suitable vehicle.

Instead, the manager of the Needles Battery near Alum Bay was contacted, and permission was granted to operate from within the Battery for both days.

Thanks to help from David Munday M3FRB we were able to set up my multiband nested dipoles on Friday 19th August after the site closed to the public. The antenna took one hour to set up, but it was time well spent. I arrived on the Saturday morning at 0845 hrs and operated and logged on my own all day. Occasional phone calls to Ricky M0CGO enabled me to be put on the Packet DX Cluster, and this helped to keep the contacts coming in throughout the day. Working conditions were not good, and the station was less attractive than anticipated, for the Needles Point Lighthouse had not been activated for several years.

On the Sunday I was joined by Barry M0IOW, Alan G0NTH and David M3FRB, and together we worked through the day until 16.45 hrs. By 17.15 hrs the whole station had been dismantled and we were on our way home. Again conditions were not too good, but we logged a total of 206 stations over the two days.

The antenna system was somewhat obtrusive for the site, and in future a single element antenna would be more appropriate. Otherwise, the event went quite smoothly and was considered a success.